The Old Fart



I am what I am...

The short of it!

When I was younger (much!), I attended the U. of U. majoring in Political Science. After living in Asia for 4 years (1966-69), wanted to learn more and focused on Chinese political thought. I really enjoyed campus life and learning. My dream at the time was to finish my education and become a college professor.

Life however had different plans. I was drafted in 1972 during the Vietnam War. At the time I was drafted, we had the opportunity of 2 years in the Marines and Army or 4 years in the Air Force and Navy. I chose Air Force, mostly because I had grown up living on Air Force Bases and enjoyed the lifestyle.

I spent 5 years in the Air Force. After spending a year alone in Alaska, missing the first year of my daughter's life, my wife convinced me it was time to try something else. I went back to school at the U and got my teaching certificate. I spent 35 years teaching.

I have a wife, 4 daughters, and 8 grandchildren, who are my best friends. It's really been fun living in a house filled with women. I've learned that I really don't know anything about women and probably, never will. I've learned that it's a lot of fun being a grandfather. We've been married for 43 years and she's put up with all my crazy ideas and somehow keeps me grounded. She's pretty much forced me to be more understanding and patient. My 4 daughters are incredible and make me proud every day. My grandchildren teach me, every day, that what I thought was important as a parent, is really not important today. At times, I wish I had a "mulligan" when it comes to raising my kids. But somehow, they turned out great and my favorite thing to do is go to a movie, trek off to a mountain man rendezvous, or play chess with my girls or grandkids.

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