The Old Fart



Hello World, Here I Come!

Hill AFB, Utah

I was born at the hospital located on Hill AFB, in northern Utah. Dad was 18 working at the base headquarters. Mom was 17. She and dad were living off base in an area known as Verland Park. It was just out the main gate.

Dad had first joined the Army in 1943, during World War II, when he was 14 years old. My grandfather had died and he didn't want to be a drain on his mom. He thought he could help her with his pay. While in Basic Training, someone found out how old he was and they sent him home. He joined again as soon as he could.

Dad and mom met at a dance at an LDS ward in Salt Lake City while dad was on leave. Mom was there with her sisters. They dated for a short time and then got married. They moved to housing just off base.

The Army Air Corp had just been changed to the U.S. Air Force. Mom tells a story about how dad came home one day with a new blue uniform and stripes that he needed sewn on. When she asked why, he said he was now in the Air Force.

He was sent to Lowry Air Force Base in Colorado for training and orientation into the new service. After about 6 months he came back to Hill AFB.